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You are visiting the DEV environment. Please choose the version of the dev website that you wish to access.

You have reached an internal development URL, unless there is a specific reason you are looking at this URL, you should switch to the main dev URL.

Local Dev
Individual Developer
Local Dev instance of the website is a version for individual associates.
Each task/feature/bug is handled under its own version of the code.
As associates move through different tasks, the changes done under a particular task could be lost because he/she has moved to another task.
Highly Unstable
Dev Staging
QA (Staging for Review)
The Dev staging instance of the website is a version for QA.
This instance is automatically updated when an associate submits the ticket/task for review.
The work done under any task/feature/bug is made available on the dev staging before handing over the task to QA.
Data Import
ETL (Imported Data for Review)
The Data Import instance of the website is a version for review of the loaded data.
This instance is only for reveiw. No changed should be made to the data on this instance.
Any configuration, testing, design/customization should be done and reviewed on the main DEV Staging instance only.